You need some kind of a visual that says what it is you do.

For example a short video, sixty seconds, ninety seconds, that’s all about what benefit you provide or what problem you solve,

OK? That’s great.

People are looking for everything on the Internet on a smartphone. So they are not going to read eighty seven paragraphs of text.

They would prefer to watch a short video. Another possibility is a really good photo – a photo that clearly expresses what your products or services is.

Another way is an excellent graphic design, an image, same deals as a photo, you look and you don’t need anything by way of explanation. It’s just “Oh. I get this. Oh, I see what this is about.”

You need very clearly to have what your business is expressed in a way where someone can look and go “Right.” You know, they can have that moment of recognition.

That’s key.