In the event of a catastrophe, in the event that you get hacked, you pick up a virus – OK, now you’ve lost the current data that you have on your computer. Fortunately, you were clever enough to have a backup, like an external hard drive that you back up to once a day, and your backup is till good. So you’ve just lost today’s data. Pain in the neck, but not a catastrophe.

OK. Let’s say the guy next door in your building is making popcorn in the microwave and he leaves a bag of popcorn in there all day. The building catches fire.

Alright. And now you’ve got a situation. Your external hard drive and your computer burnt up in the fire.
Now what do you do?

OK. With a little foresight, what you’ve done is you’ve made arrangements to be backed up on the cloud. You still have that external hard drive. That’s a good first line of defense. But if you’re backed up on the cloud, that saves you from problems like total server meltdown, viruses, attacks, etc. You know? It’s off site. That’s the key to that.

And some people feel that there are folks that have this kind of backup in place, a cloud backup in place, and have their server protection all set to go in case anything happens and there are people who have not yet experienced the total catastophe of sitting there with no data and not knowing what to do next.

OK. With your information, you can be back in business using your credit card while you’re waiting for your insurance check to come in.