Professional Website NY – 8 Of 10 On Page One Of Google Search Results

Professional Website NY Google Page One 8 of 10 Search Results 5 Jan 2013:
(1) Google search results Page One #1, #2, #3 two blog posts and About Us ( content)
(2) Google search results Page One #5, #6, #7 three YouTube videos ( content)
(3) Google search results Page One #8 Professional Website NY board on
(4) Google search results Page One #8 Professional Website NY Facebook page
Google search results for professional website ny = 8 out of 10 is website, YouTube and social media.
Bob the Knob might say “That’s nothing. I’m Bob the Knob, and I can register and build a website that’s about me and then if you search for ‘Bob the Knob’ then of course I come up on top of Google search results. So what?” responds “You’re right Bob. But (A) if Google doesn’t see quality content on your website and Google sees that you are using an exact match domain to manipulate search results then you will be penalized, (B) unless you are branding yourself as Bob the Knob as part of a correct Marketing campaign, coming up on page one for ‘Bob the Knob’ has no commercial value because no one’s searching for it, that keyword has no competition and no traffic and so it has no value. On the other hand ‘professional website ny’ is a desirable search term, that’s why you see Google Ads on the results page.”

Professional Website NY listings on Page One of Google search results 5 Jan 2013:
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