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Hi. Tom jacoby here. Like to talk about your professional website OK. So you're all started up. You got your new venture. You've got your financing in place. You're prepared to deliver. You've got your team ready to rock.

That's great.

Next thing is a website. Why? Because that's where people will look for you.
When you're giving out business cards, when your initial first couple of customers then try to refer business to you, people are going to look at your website. At the very least, they're going to look at your website to see where you are located. They're going to look at your website to see what your hours of operation are. They are going to look at your website to get a look at your product. Things like that.

Website Company NYC – Professional Website NY – IT Services – Recovery HD CC

In the event of a catastrophe, in the event that you get hacked, you pick up a virus - OK, now you've lost the current data that you have on your computer. Fortunately, you were clever enough to have a backup, like an external hard drive that you back up to once a day, and your backup is till good. So you've just lost today's data. Pain in the neck, but not a catastrophe.

OK. Let's say the guy next door in your building is making popcorn in the microwave and he leaves a bag of popcorn in there all day. The building catches fire.

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